A new look of
2019. 09. 30

Within the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cross-border Co-operation Programme, the tourism portal of the Bodrog floodplains has been renovated and the entry ticket purchase system has been updated.

Surveys in the area of Bodrogzug - a grassland regeneration survey
2019. 07. 22

The largest threat to the meadows and wetland habitats of Bodrogzug is the invasion of the false indigo bush, imported from North America. We try to prevent the dissemination of the false indigo bush by managing the grasslands. The results of the work are best proven by surveying the vegetation.

The landscape history of Bodrogköz
2019. 04. 19

The landscape of the Bodrogköz area used to be subject to the rivers Tisza and Bodrog for ages, their floods nourished the meadows and led fish into the ponds. However, during the last 200 years, the landscape has changed significantly. The wetlands, moors and forests dominated by water were replaced by arable land and agricultural fields. How and why did this happen?

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