Castle of Füzér
2021. 04. 19

The castle is located near the village of Füzér, in a beautiful natural setting, on the top of a volcanic mountain in the Zemplén Hills, on the border with Trianon. The castle probably existed before the Tatar invasion, and is believed to have been built by the Aba clan in the Árpád period.

White-tailed eagles in the bodrogzug
2021. 04. 19

The meadow eagle is our large, imposing eagle, the largest eagle in Europe. It can weigh over 6 kg and has a wingspan of well over 2 metres. The old birds are relatively easy to recognise from their large yellow beaks, white wedge-shaped tails and large broad wings.

The Tokaji (Bald) Mountain
2021. 04. 19

The Tokaji (Bald) Mountain

The 516 m high mountain is the southernmost and youngest volcanic witness mountain of the Tokaj-Eperjes mountain range. It is separated from the Zemplén Hills by the Bodrogkeresztúr saddle, which was once the bed of an ancient watercourse. It is a special meeting place for the different landscapes of Northern Hungary, such as Nyírség, Taktaköz, Bodrogköz and Zemplén. Its name has changed many times over the centuries, from Tarcal Hill to Tarcal Hill.

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