Water tours in the Bodrog floodplain
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If you want to visit the area, our trained tour guides and contracted tour operators are at your disposal.

About waterways of Bodrog floodplain

The Bodrog and the waterways of Bodrogzug belong to the safest water tour areas in Hungary. The slow Bodrog, due to the water rising effect of the Tisza, seems to be almost still; it is ideal also for beginners, similarly to the calm waters of the alluvial canals. At normal water levels, there are approx. 27 km of waterways available, from these, visitors may continue to the river Bodrog to the north (at km 27) and to the south (at km 4), so, eventually, a circular tour is possible, too. Overall, the area has 60 km of rowing trails, allowing multiple day tours.

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The area of Bodrogzug shows many interesting features also during floods. The landscape changing during floods - with the Zemplén mountain range in the background and Kopasz Hill - is unique, not only nationwide. The southern area of Bodrogzug - approx. 1400 ha - is open to the public, but subject to permission.

Since 1989, it is a wetland habitat protected by the Ramsar Convention and also part of the Natura 2000 network, as a special protection area and special nature conservation area.

The Bodrogzug Water Nature Trail presents this important component of the area - Bodrogzug - having many values to the public - the stops of the nature trail provide an introduction to this area to visitors.

By completing the nature trail, visitors may get a glimpse of the nature and cultural values of Bodrogzug. They may see local wildlife at its natural habitats, observe many protected plant and animal species and may get to know the forces forming the landscape, the geographical elements and history of the territory.

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